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Explore the Edge of Your Potential

Discover how to live from that internally referenced space of deep inner knowing.

Awaken to and embody the essence of who and what you are. This is your birthright.

You are so much more than you have been taught to believe you are.

Go down the rabbit hole with me…the place where potential and possibility live.

You are safe.


What I Offer

WEL-Systems® based conversations that are guaranteed to transform your life by educating you to a powerful process and context for personal evolution.

CODE Model Coaching™. Connect with your Signal from Self to create the life you desire from an internally referenced place. We are our own gurus.

I educate women and men into discovering their greatest potential, and living it out loud. Here’s a bit about who I am.

What I Know

You are whole, unique and essential to your world.

Your body reveals the truth of your experience; it never lies.

Your body is the perceptual filter that receives, processes, creates and transmits Signals.

Your intellect is a selection tool; it chooses.

Every response (impulse) in the body is an intelligent response. Beyond our judgements and habits, genius is to be found.

Transformation requires Space (Intention), Movement (Attention) and Flow (Invitation).

There are no accidents in the universe.  Everything is unfolding as it should.

Wholeness is your birthright.

You belong here.

What Women are Saying

“Nourishing conversations”

The call yesterday was AMAZING. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be part of this group, at this time, in my life. It is so nourishing to have these kinds of conversations and you’re the perfect person to lead the discussions. I feel honoured to be included.


“Soft place to land”

Stepping into that brave new world of speaking my truth is so much easier with a soft place to land, and you havve created such a lush landing place in this group and your invitations.


“Lightness & Humour”

Thank you for seeing me, hearing me, and reminding me to find lightness and humour in it all.


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My Evolving Thoughts

My Body: Intimately Revealing Secrets

What matters to me now, increasingly more than ever, is my fully connected Presence. To know, in the moment, to say yes or to say no. To know, in the moment, to stay or to leave. To know, in the moment, exactly where Stela is. Without attachment to story, without attachment to past, without attachment to future, without attachment to outcome. Just me, bare, raw, Present. Here. Now. … Continue reading My Body: Intimately Revealing Secrets

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Embracing “The Madness of Mis”: Irish Mythology and it’s Significance to Our Becoming

If you feel the mad woman rising within you, know that you are not alone. Know that she is powerful. She has the wisdom of all our ancestors inside of her. There is no sensation that you cannot move through. There is nothing that scares her, but remaining trapped in a life that isn’t meant to be — a life that doesn’t feel “mine”. She is there to release you from the conditioning that has numbed your Soul. She is there to remind you of the powerhouse that lives within you. She is there as a reminder of all you are, of all you can choose to become and embody. She is there to set you free.

Only question is: Are you willing to give her space? To lovingly embrace her? To allow yourself to become her wildness? Once you recognize the gift that she is to your becoming, you’d not be afraid of her. You’d love her, unconditionally, and allow her to guide you into becoming yourself.… Continue reading Embracing “The Madness of Mis”: Irish Mythology and it’s Significance to Our Becoming

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