About Me

The short version…

I AM …

– a CODE Model Coach™ facilitating one-on-one coaching and group conversations through the expansive lens of the WEL-Systems Paradigm®.

– a writer, expressing the essence of what I AM through living out loud.

– a certified Kundalini yoga instructor offering opportunities to connect to the body and breath.

– a parent committed to veganism and spirituality through a deep connection to my perpetually evolving Self.

The slightly longer version…

In my journey of self-evolution, I have discovered that there are many ways to experience the world. The structure of our reality, what we hold as true and real and fixed, has been shaped by the culture in which we live in. That makes the structure of our thoughts highly predictable and replicable. After all, we are creatures of habit!

The habits I had internalized as a child were detrimental to my adult life. Sure, I was “successful” in that I excelled at school and all the work I did, however I was miserable and ill. Somewhere deep within, I knew there was more to life than what had been available to me until then. In my unwillingness to tolerate an intolerable life, I went on a journey of personal evolution. In this road-less-travelled, I came across many spiritual worlds, including yoga, meditation and veganism.

Yet the most critical piece in my evolution came from the daring and massive explorations I have with women from the life-altering WEL-Systems® paradigm.

Knowing I am safe to explore within myself, I began to awaken to my Self. In doing so, I learned a process of how to live from an internally referenced space, meaning that I trust the truth of my own experience as it presents in the moment above all else. I trust my body to reveal ancients truths it withholds. I know the essence of what I am is a Creative Force, and therefore I am never a victim to my life’s circumstances. I trust there is brilliance to be found in whatever I create…question is, am I willing to give myself permission to discover what that might be?

This is the context from which I now live my life, in every single unfolding moment. In doing so, I have reclaimed my birthright to internal peace in the midst of all the external chaos. In claiming my birthright to LIVE fully in the moment, I know there is no space or time for the meaningless in my life. 

This is why I have chosen to become a CODE Model Coach™. In engaging with men and women in safe spaces of exploration, I not only discover more about myself, but I also bear witness to the magic of transformation in another who dares to step into a life of their own creation.

My role in the process is to guide you toward your Self by using the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge. I trust wholeheartedly that you are the Creator of your own Life! I’m here to show you a process and context that I know intimately well; what you choose to do with it is entirely your own.

I know that the WEL-Systems ® body of knowledge has tremendous transformational power. It transformed my life in unimaginable ways! I sense sharing this gift with those seeking it is my calling, my reason for being on this planet. If you’re called to read more about why I chose this lifepath for myself, check out this blog post.

Stela is my given name. It means “star” “light”. That which we all are. Shakti is the Goddess of the creation of the Universe, representing the universal forces within Life that make us one. This is who I am. This is why I chose the name Stela Shakti for myself.

If you are curious to find out more about what I do, check out my page on one-on-one coaching.

In my world, there is nothing I enjoy more than thought-provoking, life-affirming conversations that expand collective consciousness! If you are curious about what it would mean to expand your consciousness, connect with me! I’m happy to set up a chat and see where that takes us.

Until then, I hope you create a beautiful day for yourself!

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