Awaken & Reclaim Your Unique Truth

Awakening to Our Internal Truth

Tell the Truth, First and Foremost to YourSelf

The process of personal evolution requires that we dare to bear witness to the unique truth that presents to us through the impulses of our bodies. Yet there isn’t a single person who has not been conditioned / programmed / habituated to easily and readily lie to themselves. We have all been taught to ignore our instincts and look outside of us for an “objective” truth, to the cultural stories that we believe are real. In doing so, we have learned to ignore the instinctual messages of the body in favour of the stories of the culture. When these two realities don’t match (and they often don’t) many women find themselves living in contradictory internal states that often manifest in:

  • anxiety over uncertainly
  • addiction as an effort to numb self
  • depression and detachment as a result of hopelessness
  • diseases of the body such as IBS, cancer and pain
  • body dysmorphia and low self-esteem
  • general state of agitation
  • general state of lacking connection
  • overcompensating
  • constant state of overwhelm
  • overt or covert displays of anger, rage or outrage
  • suppression of expression out of fear
  • managing life from a reactive state
  • helplessly bound to polarization, duality or binaries
  • disconnected from self and world

This manifestation of disease in the mind and body is highly predictable when we live in denial of our visceral truth. Lack of intimacy with self leads to lack of intimacy with others which leads to lack of intimacy with Life itself.

Okay Stela, but, what does that even mean? Concretely?

To know if you are living in denial of your authentic truth, consider these questions:

  • How often have you had an impulse, a visceral knowing, and you ignored it?
  • How often have you made up a story about why what you sense couldn’t possibly be so?
  • How often have you denied yourself that moment of acknowledgment of the visceral truth?
  • How often have you traded authenticity for fitting in?
  • How often have you betrayed yourself by lying to yourself?
  • How often do you live in memories of the past or projections of the future?


In order to live an intimate life, I have to be willing to notice the impulse, the visceral knowing that presents in my body, and I have to be willing to hear it and trust it. To do that, I must be able to decipher the truth of my experience (as presented in the tissue of my body) from that of the conditioning / programming / habituated story. Otherwise, I might get to accustomed to habituated living that I forget what it’s like to feel fully alive.

Reclaim Your Self & Feel Vibrantly Alive

The Goal of This Experience

This conversation is framed on the WEL-Systems® paradigm because it is built on a “solid platform of a process that appeases the intellect while feeding the Soul”. It is designed to give you a unique opportunity to:

  • Discover that you are safe in your exploration of your Self.
  • Connect with your authentic self as you wander through your beliefs, values and attitudes.
  • Transform your life by engaging a different, expansive, life-affirming process (called Quantum TLC™).
  • Practice this life-altering process to pattern interrupt the structures of thought and breath patterns that have held stagnation in your body, until now.
  • Discover your personal power by shifting your attention from the external world to your internal landscape (become internally referenced).
  • Deconstruct your current constructs of reality and replace them with ones that feel authentic to you.
  • Reclaim the truth that lives inside you by giving it voice and rewiring your nervous system.
  • Empower yourself by shifting the perceptual filters from which you see your problems, your self, your family, your story and your world.
  • Discover that you are your own best guru; in that, learn how to give yourself permission to choose differently in each unfolding moment.
  • Be willing to discover and validate that hunger that knows, there is more.

About the Experience

How else might I choose to live my life, today

  • This is a powerful educational and exploratory experience for women (and non-binary folk) framed around the transformational WEL-Systems® body of knowledge and centred around the Decloaking and Living Authentically audio material.
  • A requirement of this experience is that you listen to the selected audio material individually. The audio files are divided by days; we will listen to one day per week (first day of audio files will correspond to the first weekly call, second to the second, and so on…). The total listening time of the audio files is 20 hours.
  • Our first conversation will be on Monday January 24th at 6:00 PM where we will discuss our collective intention for showing up. 
  • Afterwards we will meet on each consecutive Monday for the following five weeks (this is a six week experience). 
  • During our weekly Zoom calls we discuss what we discovered about ourselves by listening to the audio files. These discussions are focused on how we embrace self-discovery, not to recite the material.
  • As part of this offering, I offer one one-on-one coaching experience to explore your intentions for working together.
  • At the end of the experience we will meet one-on-one again and discuss what you have gained from the process and discuss what might be next for you.   
  • Throughout this journey we engage with and support one another via email, voice messages, and sharing of information. I take the lead by sending out emails with prompts, questions and challenges for you to consider and engage with.
  • I consistently encourage you to participate and engage in meaningful interaction — your Self discoveries propel those of the group!
  • This is for women new to the body of knowledge and those who have been around a while (decloaking to ourselves is an ongoing process). I know from personal experience, the more we show up to these conversations, the more our lives expand.

If you are looking for a much more expansive process and context for living, engaging in this conversation is a good place to start. By following the process set in place by the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge, the context from which we live our life expands, and life transforms.

This Experience Is For You If… 

you are ready to:

  • Awaken to your unique, internal truth as presented to you through your body.
  • Let go of cultural conditioning / programming / habituated thinking and shift perceptual filters so that your life reflects your conscious choices.
  • Educate yourself on how to decipher the messages of your body (aka intuition) by engaging in a different process of living.
  • Transform the quality of your life by replacing habituated responses with the proven process of Quantum TLC™ (as a way of life).
  • Shift your attention to the internal landscape rather than the external so that you begin to live from an authentic place.
  • Begin trusting your intuition and allow that to be your guide.
  • Seek mind-expansive conversations with like-minded women that encourage you to show up exactly as you are.
  • Begin living the process outlined by the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge (walk the walk).
  • Give yourself permission to face your Self and reclaim your unique truth.
  • Learn how dis-ease and pain can be your greatest messengers of truth.
  • Be intimate with yourself and therefore your life.

My Promises to You

  • I will show up authentically in my wholeness to witness your unfurling.
  • I will hold space for you to show up exactly as you are while you express the truth of your experience as it presents in the moment.
  • I will support you in your expression of decloaking to yourself.
  • I will encourage you to exhale the cultural conditioning that has been lingering and inhale the essence of who and what you are.
  • I will educate you to the fundamentals of how you came to be who you are through the WEL-Systems models.
  • I will educate you on how to engage the most expansive process of self-discovery and transformation I know (Quantum TLC™). I will show you, in the moment we are in, how to engage this life-affirming process.
  • I will educate you to see yourself and your world through different perceptual filters (what happens if you take off those rose coloured glasses?).
  • I will never weasel out on you; I will consistently encourage you to go deeper. These conversations are for women ready to reclaim themselves.
  • I will always treat you with utmost respect, integrity and generosity of Spirit. I will never assume you are small, broken or insufficient no matter what.
  • I will never have answers for you; I will always look for the intelligence in what’s presenting and ask expansive questions so that you may see it, too.
  • I will look for the patterns in your life, the undercurrents that run the show. I will not solve your problems.
  • I will be your mirror to the aspect of your consciousness that you seek to awaken, embody and express.
  • I will show you how the only guide you need is the connection to yourSelf/the Signal that you are (this is the context/paradigm I live my life from).

The cost for these life-altering explorations is $399, plus the purchase of the Decloaking and Living Authentically material which is $189.00 + 13% Ontario HST for a total of $213.57 (unless, of course, you already own it!). 

If you hear the internal call to participate, let nothing get in your way and respond with a resounding YES! The rest will fall into place beautifully. 

To find out if this is the “right fit” for you, message me for a FREE discovery conversation. I’m always happy to engage with you!

PS – If you are curious about how this body of knowledge transformed my life, I encourage you to visit “Why I want to be  CODE Model Coach, You ask?“.

If you are interested and would like to sign up, or if you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. I’m only a message away!

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