One-On-One Coaching

The experience of CODE Model Coaching™ is unlike any other you’re likely to have encountered. 

  • It is an opportunity to show up fully as and for yourSelf. It is an opportunity to unapologetically express the truth of your experience as it presents in the moment. 
  • It is an opportunity to exhale the cultural conditioning that has been lingering internally and inhale the essence of what you ARE. 
  • It is an opportunity to fully decloak what lives inside of you, first and foremost, to yourSelf. 
  • It is an invitation to experience the massiveness of your being so that you can reclaim the wholeness that you are
  • It is an experience of unfurling, of evolving into the version of yourself that lives deep down in the essence of who and what you are. 
  • It is a journey of transformation on the way Home. 

My role as your coach is to show up authentically in the moment of your Self-discovery and witness your unfurling. In that, I educate you to a different process for living that is meaningful to you in the creation of the life of your choosing. Power comes not from seeing new things, but from seeing the world through different perceptual filters than the ones we have been used to. It is shifting the attention from the external world into the internal. The truth of my experience has shown me that everything that lives inside of me is mine; I am not a victim to my circumstances. In choosing to live from an internally referenced space, I get to own all that is moving inside of me without need for external validation. I am not your guide/guru/teacher; I am a mirror to the aspect of your consciousness that you are seeking to awaken, embody, and express. In this paradigm of the world, the only guide you need is your connection to yourSelf/the Signal that you are

When working with you, I assume two things: 

1) You are consciousness, manifested. You are not your human conditioning, you are not your history, you are not the story you keep reinforcing about yourself. You ARE the godForce itself, expressing into a world of matter. To know yourself as such is an ongoing journey of self-discovery. Those who dare to question the conventional story of their lives discover that we are so much more than we have been taught to believe we are. We all sense that deep hunger for more; some of us choose to silence it and others choose to go down the rabbit hole… but somewhere deep within, we all know there is more to life than what we have been taught to believe. Question is, are we willing to discover it?  

2) Your body is a brilliant quantum-biological device that is physically manifesting your thought structures and breathing patterns. As we delve into what’s presenting in your physical realm, we discover the binds that have held those thought structures and breath patterns in place, and release them by engaging a life-altering process called Quantum TLC ™. This process allows us to deconstruct the structures of thought and breath patterns that have held the patterns together, until now. As we consciously choose, we integrate and let go, digest and metabolize so that we continue to evolve and reclaim and become. 

By showing up for yourself in the tough conversations, you will soon discover that there is a much larger context from which to live your life than what has been available to you until now. A context that elevates you and allows you to reclaim your truth, your authenticity, the essence of who and what you are. In that, when you own that your life is your creation, every perceived challenge becomes an invitation for greater discovery, for greater evolution! It’s a magnificent way to live! 

In my own journey, I know that my highest intention for being on this planet is to wake up godForces to themselves! I do this by educating those who dare to discover and live the essence of who and what they are. I do that through the body of knowledge that has transformed my life: WEL-Systems®. 

The tools given to me in the conventional therapy model have never worked. I have experienced incremental change, however I could never take the leap into the massiveness of my being. I was taught strategies and inventories about my values, however I was never invited to consider how my choices are impacted by my emerging identity within the context of the essence of what I am (consciousness expressing in matter). Strategies fall in place effortlessly when we own that we are constantly creating our lives by the choices of each moment. Inviting all that shows up in the moment to express has allowed me to be truly Present, and thus transform my life. 

The only choice worth making is the one that feels authentic to me, to my essence, in this moment. Connecting to the essence of what we each are is a critical act of Self-rEVOLution. Consider that possibility and potential of the future lives in the choice that I make in this breath, not in the pre-existing plan I tightly hang on to. I am here to educate you as to how to live like this, in the majesty of each unfolding moment so that you create a majestic life, of your own choosing. 

To learn more about why I chose CODE Model Coaching™ over anything else I’ve ever encountered, you can read about it here. 

If you are willing to take a deep dive into unveiling to yourself the truth of your experience, contact me to discover if CODE Model Coaching™ is for you. If you choose to go ahead with it, allot three hours for the first session and two hours for each session after that. Of course, you will be billed for the amount of time actually used. 

Know that if you choose to step into this space of nourishing and life-affirming conversations, you are deeply cherished, honoured, and respected exactly as you are. 

Self Investment: $55 per hour.

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