Embracing “The Madness of Mis”: Irish Mythology and it’s Significance to Our Becoming

If you feel the mad woman rising within you, know that you are not alone. Know that she is powerful. She has the wisdom of all our ancestors inside of her. There is no sensation that you cannot move through. There is nothing that scares her, but remaining trapped in a life that isn’t meant to be — a life that doesn’t feel “mine”. She is there to release you from the conditioning that has numbed your Soul. She is there to remind you of the powerhouse that lives within you. She is there as a reminder of all you are, of all you can choose to become and embody. She is there to set you free. Only question is: Are you willing to give her space? To lovingly embrace her? To allow yourself to become her wildness? Once you recognize the gift that she is to your becoming, you’d not be afraid of her. You’d love her, unconditionally, and allow her to guide you into becoming yourself.

When I’m 64 (Halved): Oh, the delight of BEings of Light!

Today, I live from a space of returning to mySelf, to my consciousness, to mindfulness…to light. In this way, I embody WHAT I AM –a divine being of light.

Breath: The Vehicle to Personal Evolution

The simplicity of it is astounding So just get started. Soon as you do, you'll discover what works for you. The only way to peel the layers of the onion is to stay engaged. It's a fascinating lifelong journey!

Who you are, is Goddess

This poem is for the pre-teen girl who has forgotten her eternal beauty, because this world has taught her that instead of it being ugly, she is. It is heartbreaking what she has already experienced, what she has witnessed, and how she has been consistently put down. She has been made to feel worthless, small,… Continue reading Who you are, is Goddess